Arches Watercolor Paper Block, Cold Press, 12″ x 16″, 140 pound


The cold press finish has a light texture and is the most common. It reflects light well, retaining the transparent quality of watercolours. A light grain makes it easier to achieve certain details
All Arches papers are cylinder mould made as they have been for over a century. With long fibers, this thick, stable sheet is beautiful, durable, and resillient.
Each sheet of Arches Watercolour paper is tub-sized in a bath of pure natural gelatin and then air dried to add additional strength and durability
The best quality control. Ourt paper undergoes sophisticated testing and monitoring, with every sheet individually inspected to assure the finest quality
Contains one block with 20 sheets, 300 GSM

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ARCHES Watercolour paper is made the traditional way, using a cylinder mould. This method ensures that the fibres are evenly distributed which makes the paper extremely stable, so it will not warp or stretch when water is applied to it. ARCHES Watercolour paper is made from long, 100% cotton fibres, allowing it to absorb a lot of water without warping or causing the colours to bleed. It is sized to the core with natural gelatin, so it can be scratched without tearing or linting. This internal sizing also prevents paint penetrating into the paper, allowing light to shine through the pigment and reflect off the paper while ensuring durability of the colours.

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