White Nights Extra-Fine Artist Watercolor Full Pans Set of 48, in wooden beech


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An excellent idea for a gift for anyone who loves creativity and fine art. The extra-fine artists’ watercolors of the “WHITE NIGHTS” professional series are of some special pride of St.Petersburg Nevskaya Palitra plant. Their supreme quality is the result of following old masters? traditions and applying modern technologies in paints production. They are made by hand from finely dispersed ground pigments and binders containing gum Arabic that is acknowledged to be the best natural adhesive for watercolors. Colours Included:-Lemon P.Y.3,Cadmium Lemon P.Y.35, Cadmium Yellow Medium P.Y.35,Yellow Ochre P.Y.43/P.Y.1,Golden P.Y.3/P.O.13,Naples Yellow P.Y.42/P.Y.35/P.O.20/P.W.4,Orange Lake P.O.17,Vermilion P.R.4/P.Y.1,Claret P.R.12,Cadmium Red Light P.R.108,English Red P.R.101,Carmine P.R.170:1,Madder Lake Red Light P.R.187,Violet P.V.3,Violet Rose P.V.2,Ultramarine P.B.29,Blue Lake P.B.1,Prussian Blue P.B.27,Azure Blue P.B.15:3/P.G.7,Cobalt Blue P.B.28,Turquoise Blue P.B.15:3/P.G.7,Indigo P.Bk7/P.B.15/P.V.3,Yellow Green P.G.7/P.Y.3,Green P.G.8,Green Light P.G.36,Raw Sienna P.Br.7,Umber P.Y.43/P.Br.7/P.Bk.7,Burnt Umber P.Br.7,Mars Brown P.Br.6 tr.,Sepia P.R.102/P.R.187/P.Bk.7,Neutral Black P.R.187/P.B.15/P.Bk.7,Voronezhskaya Black,Zinc White,Golden Deep P.O.62,Hanza Yellow P.Y.1,Titian Red P.O.36,Ruby P.R.170,Quinacridone Lilac P.V.19,Ceruleum Blue P.B.35,Olive Green P.G.17/P.Y.1/P.Bk.7,Oxide of Chromium P.G.17,Burnt Sienna P.Br.7,Payne?s Gray P.Bk.7/P.B.15/P.V.3,Shakhnazarskaya Red P.R.102,Rose P.R.81,Bright Blue P.B.15:3,Indanthrene Blue P.B.60,Green Original P.Y.35/P.G.7

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