Daniel Smith Extra-Fine Watercolor 15ml Tube – Fuchsite Genuine


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DANIEL SMITH is the Innovative Manufacturer of Beautiful Watercolors for Artists Worldwide, and makes the largest range of watercolors of any manufacturer, more than 240 colors.

The 240+ color collection includes the exciting PrimaTek watercolors made from minerals (like Amethyst) plus other unique colors (like Moonglow) not available elsewhere, and Luminescent Watercolors which allow artists to capture the luminescent colors that exist in nature that regular watercolors cannot capture!

Excellent Lightfastness, Transparent, Non-granulating, Non-staining
Fuchsite mineral
Conforms to ASTM D4236

Made from pure Fuchsite, a mineral with mica-like characteristics, this color creates a luminous pearly green shimmer. Soft, subtle with a pearly green shimmer, Fuchsite PrimaTek watercolor is luminous and elegant. Made from pure Fuchsite, a Russian mineral, this transparent mineral color is great for layering delicate green to add luster and dimension to your paintings.

Try glazing this over a stronger green to soften and enhance foliage or add it one subtle layer at a time to cool your study with a unique glow and non-traditional hue.

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Daniel Smith – Extra-Fine Watercolor – 15ml Tube – Fuchsite Genuine

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    SKU: 284600169
    Pigment: Genuine Fuchsite | Series: 2
    Lightfastness: I – Excellent
    Transparency: Transparent
    Staining: 1-Non-Staining
    Granulation: Non-Granulating

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