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BRUSTRO Artists' Mixed Media Glued Pad 250 GSM A4-20 Sheets-0BRUSTRO Artists' Mixed Media Glued Pad 250 GSM A4-20 Sheets-0
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BRUSTRO Artists’ Mixed Media Glued Pad 250 GSM A4-20 Sheets


Brustro Mixed Media is a versatile, multipurpose product that combines the characteristics of watercolour and acrylic papers with those of drawing papers.
Available in 250 g/m² heavy weight sheets and pads for experimenting with new combinations of different techniques
Made in Italy. , Size- A4 Glued Pad , 20 Sheets

Milind Mulick Sketchbook Paperback – Import, 30 Dec 2006-0Milind Mulick Sketchbook Paperback – Import, 30 Dec 2006-0
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Milind Mulick Sketchbook Paperback – Import, 30 Dec 2006


Sketchbook by Milind Mulick, the well-known painter and author of Watercolour . Sketchbook tells you… The secret behind his deceptively simple style… How he finds subjects for his paintings, how he works on his compositions, how he draws those delicate yet forceful lines… From line sketches to tonal studies… Sketchbook with its varied and numerous examples will be a guide for budding artists and encourage others to pick up a pencil… “In sketching, observing your subject, has equal or more importance than the drawing itself. Concentrate more on how the object appears than the drawing itself.” “Sketching gives practice to one’s hands and eyes. While improving the sense of perspective and proportion, it also strengthens one’s sense of composition. Above all, sketching develops one’s unique point of view. In any painting, the viewpoint of the painter is as important as (or perhaps even more than) technical skill. A painter stands out from others because of this unique outlook.”

Milind Mulick Watercolour Landscapes Step by Step Paperback – Illustrated, 1 Dec 2008-0Milind Mulick Watercolour Landscapes Step by Step Paperback – Illustrated, 1 Dec 2008-0
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Milind Mulick Watercolour Landscapes Step by Step Paperback – Illustrated, 1 Dec 2008


If you are new to watercolors, this books needs to bought along with “Watercolour” by Milind Mulick which covers all the essential basics. “Watercolour Landscapes Step-by-Step” as the name suggests has a set of twelve lessons with associated assignments. It covers the various techniques/washes that one would require while painting a landscape. The most valuable asset to this book is the Free Demo DVD in which one can watch Milind Mulick using the various methods in the book in a single painting. While I strongly recommend buying this book, it’s my suggestion that one should not just blindly –Sophia Aug 16, 2012

well i was expecting couple of videos in the CD but its fine, i don’t like to be precise while drawing, only idea should be conveyed . im an architect. so im learning to paint in my free time…so not bad, i don’t wanna master the art but, its nice to see the colors flow and mixes in front of your eyes and bring some miraculous effect to the painting.its fun, the book it good for beginners, as i know the drawing technique, i mean perspective and all so i can make out wat the drawings through that perspective of my eyes. good books with lots of references. if u stay in pune city its a plus point. mulik things are contemporar. i know u’ll find many watercolor pdf on net, but its worth u buy one and feel the colors. book pages are glossy and nice. –chinmay nimje Nov 12, 2014

Milind Mulick is Zoltan Szabo of India – an ace painter and a great teacher who can explain the techniques very lucidly to the readers. I have several books by Mr Mulick and “Water Landscapes” is indeed a very helpful book for beginners and advanced learners, alike. Even if you are just an admirer of art, this book for sure is going to impress you. The book is printed on high quality paper. The book is very reasonably priced – similar books published abroad costs a lot more. –Subhajit B Aug 1, 2012

About the Author
Milind Mulick is an artist. His other books include Watercolour, Opaque Colour, Acrylics, Perspective, Sketchbook, Natural Inspirations, and Nisargrang. Milind Mulick is the son of the well-known painter and illustrator Pratap Mulick. He started drawing at the age of five and started doing watercolour landscapes when he was thirteen. Despite his artistic talent, he went on to major in engineering. But, he soon realized his love for art and began doing commercial work in architecture and design. Today, he doesn t devote as much to commercial work. He prefers to spend most of his time painting, teaching few students privately, and holding watercolour courses and workshops at colleges

Khadi Paper Hardbound Sketchbook Long Rough HB5LWR-0Khadi Paper Hardbound Sketchbook Long Rough HB5LWR-0Out Of Stock
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Khadi Paper Hardbound Sketchbook Long Rough HB5LWR


Hardback sketchbook (long format). 32 pages. Section stitched binding. One deckle edge. Cover paper is Bhutanese tsasho.

Pages are artists’ handmade paper from Khadi Papers India. The paper is 100% long fibred cotton rag.

Internally sized with neutral pH size. Tub sized (surface sized) with gelatine. Acid free. Medium-Rough surface.

For watercolour and all painting and drawing media.

Weight: 210 gsm

Surface: Rough

Dimension: Dimensions: 13 x 32cm